Thanksgiving.  How wonderful that we, the people, give thought each autumn to the prosperity and bounty in our lives.  Thank = express gratitude.  Thanksgiving = the act of giving thanks…a celebration of divine goodness.

On the grand scale of emotions, gratitude comes in just a bit below appreciation.  Appreciation is a notch beneath love (in frequency.)  Love (however experienced) is the pathway to Joy, the highest emotion we experience in 3-D.  It is said that God is Love.  Appreciation is kin to love and gratitude kin to appreciation.  High energy thoughts, all.

The month of November is a time for appreciation, a season to look at what is right in our lives rather than what is lacking.  It’s a time to focus on the bounty, thus making it more a part of our experience.  It goes something like this:  Gratitude – I am thankful to be free of the lack of ____(fill in the blank.)  Gratitude still carries with it the concept of the lack.  Appreciation – I appreciate all that is a part of my life.  I am a child (thought) of God and all is wonderful.  No lack or negative aspect embraced by appreciation.  Love – I love myself and all that is.  I am a part of this magnificent universe.  Joy is my experience.  Pretty close to God, Source, whatever name preferred.

Thanksgiving is a moment on this emotional scale.  It’s an opportunity to shift focus, at least for a moment (and that’s often all it takes) to how much is good and wonderful.  Gratitude, appreciation, love, joy – not a bad menu for a thanksgiving feast!