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ISBN 978-0-557-16502-5

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The Krismere

“Almost all of the remote viewers searching for the Temple and the great Repository encountered the term Krismere.  All sensed that it was an ancient word describing knowledge or illumination.”  E. Howard Trager

 Suspense thriller and metaphysical mystery, The Krismere bridges here-and-now with a moment fifty-four thousand years ago that ignited civilization as we know it.  Counseling Psychologist Harry Wilson is manipulated by a covert alliance of government agencies, select individuals, and a philanthropic institution into an experiment through time to capture knowledge from a great Temple.  He has to be included for the rare  technology to target time and place, then and now.  What happens to Harry once the experiment begins?  No one knows, and what unfolds is not according to plan.

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A Gnome, A Candle, And Me  is now available at Amazon and the Kindle Store!

A Gnome, A Candle, And Me” is George Sewell’s collection of poetry, philosophy and mischief. His reflections in a candle on a winter’s night lured a Gnome from the shadows to comment on his ponderings. Poet and Gnome spar over interpretations of the human experience in time and place. Key moments in that dialogue are illustrated by artist Chester Delacruz. As the author notes: “Gnome’s are curious creatures. They readily inhabit the world of man, although they seldom acknowledge it. It seems that when the mind of man stretches and seeks an understanding of creation, these quiet fellows gently tug at reluctant thoughts to aid the awareness of our more direct and true selves.” Of course, the Gnome adds “I would caution the prospective reader to bear in mind that humans tend to complicate matters with too much thinking – especially this one.”

Illustrated by Chester Delacruz


I watch a candle burn

and vaguely see

another man’s candle

of long ago.

I wonder if he saw in his


The Gnome said it was he.  I’m not so sure about that! 


This is the revised “Habits, Patterns, and Things That Go Bump in the Night” from 2002.  Thoughts replaces Things for accuracy as well as making it the “companion book” for my blog.  This edition has additional material and a couple of more “tools” for managing change.  It’s available at boostore and Kindle Bookstore.


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  1. punditgeorge
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 18:38:00

    Merry Christmas!

    Like “Habits, Patterns, and Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night?” Think others might enjoy finding a copy in their Christmas stocking? Think now is the time to take the plunge into the ancient adventure with “The Krismere?”

    The publisher is offering a Christmas special – 25% off either or both books! ($50.00 maximum savings.) Click on the title and use Coupon Code: BUYMYBOOK305 for the discount.

    Good through December 14, 2011


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